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Miss Stargate 2008 Beauty Pageant

October 17 2008

The night of nights was not a disappointed at Stargate...

The day started early for the 10 entrants in this years pageant with an early trip to the hairdressers and beauty saloon. All the girls where obviously nervous all day as the time started to click down to the late afternoon.

5pm now and all girls out back in the dressing room adding final touches to their outfits and make up.
pic 01 from Miss Stargate 2008 beauty pageant
As i stepped out back to see how things where going, i could feel a real buzz in air.

Then as i looked up at the girls i said to myself: Wow, are these the same girls that where dancing on stage last night. What a transformation. From outgoing bargirls the transformation was unbelievable with young girls being transformed in very beautiful young ladies like Ive never seen before.

Photographers out back added to the nervous tension these girls where already experiencing with one girl breaking down and crying as I ushered her towards the mirror to see what a beautiful girl she really was... Time was approaching 7pm and the bar was bursting at the seems with people anticipating a great night and they where not to be disappointed..

10 girls - in alphabetical order..

7pm strikes and its all action:
pic 03 from Miss Stargate 2008 beauty pageant
First parade was the Evening Gown section, with each girl strutting up and down the stage to the awe of the audience. As each girl appeared the more and more impressed the audience became. What started out as a simple beauty pageant was now becoming a serious event as the audience waited one after another to appear.

With all 10 girls now on stage in the evening gown it was up to the audience to place their votes. Everyone was issued with a voting slip and ask to lodge their vote to select 3 winners to go forward into the Miss Magandafilipina beauty pageant.
pic 04 from Miss Stargate 2008 beauty pageant
As the girls left the stage one by one each where applauded by the audience which made the girls quite pleased with themselves.

Next was the lingerie parade you can imagine that all eyes where focused on this one. As the girls entered the stage there were sounds of wolf whistles and roars as these girls paraded - at times in quite tiny pieces of lingerie... Again the audience voted for their favorites and on we went:

Next and final parade was the swimwear and this was a perfect way to finish the pageant. The tension among the girls increased as they knew this was their last chance to impress the audience and win Miss Stargate 2008.
pic 05 from Miss Stargate 2008 beauty pageant

Out they came, and this time with the confidence of professional models. All these girls wanted to win this pageant desperately. as the audience gazed upon these girls trying to select their choice the girls where getting quite excited and started to interact with the audience hoping they maybe able to influence the final voting.

With all 3 parades over and 3 hours later the votes where tallied up and it really was not a surprise to me to see the voting was way up for one girl.
pic 06 from Miss Stargate 2008 beauty pageant
All girls where called to the stage and presented with flowers and then the 2nd runner up was announced. AIZA received 43 votes. This was truly a surprise for her as she seems to always think she is far from pretty. Obviously the audience thought different and Aiza got totally excited by the result.
pic 07 from Miss Stargate 2008 beauty pageant
1st runner up was VICKI, a beautiful tall girl who holds herself quite well received 44 votes call this a close finish.

And the winner of Miss Stargate 2008:

ANNALISA...23 years old from SAMAR who is just a true beauty and it was no surprise to me when she was to be crowned.
pic 08 from Miss Stargate 2008 beauty pageant
Tears began to swell in the eyes of all girls obviously very happy for Annalisa as Miss Magandafilipina for October was called upon to present trophies and crown the 3 girls.. Cameras where everywhere, snapping about frantically. From what started as a typical Angeles city bar ended up resembling a celebrity photo shot.

Well, what a night!

pic 09 from Miss Stargate 2008 beauty pageant
Im wishing these girls all the luck as they start their trek into the world of beauty pageants. Im certain all the attendees went away talking about what they just witnessed that night and I wish to thank them for their presence.