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Grand Opening of The Bavarian Lion

March 28 2009

A Bavarian Beergarden under Palm Trees in Angeles City!

Beergarden Overview during Daytime

Right in front of Timog Park opened a huge Entertainment Center that is able to accomodate some 300 guests.

Enjoy a Drink in the Open Beergarden which will host Live Bands, Karaoke etc while your kids have fun at the playground, take a fine meal in the King Ludwid Restaurant, watch major Sport Events on the wide Screen TV in the Pub or show your talent at the Pool Table.

This place has something for everyone!

people sitting in the beergarden
Grand Opening was set for Saturday Evening and a good group of people of various nationalities gathered to enjoy the buffet Dinner, which consisted maily of the most popular dish in Bavaria - Pork!

It was nice to see that some people took the time and dressed up traditionally (including one of the owners) to honor the occasion of this Grand Opening. I love those things and wish to see more of those on coming events.

The Band - Online
With Music from the Band Online one could really feel the 'Octoberfest mood' in the air and people stayed way past midnight enjoying the evening.

A DJ played typical Bavarian Songs during the Bands Breaks, which was cheered on by the German speaking guests.

A total of about 120 people attended the event and the Party kept going till about 2:30 am

A few more pics from The Bavarian Lion:

people sitting in the beergarden

Guests enjoy the friendly and relaxing setting in the Beergarden and celebrate - with a Beer of course!
Beergarden serves both San Miguel Beer and San Miguel Lite from the barrel, but also bottled version are available together with a variety of imported German Beers.

Modern kitchen at Bavarian Lion Beergarden

A clean and modern kitchen is ready to prepare Culinary Highlights.

Don't be shy to ask for your favorites, they may not be listed on the menu but may well be available...
Watch Sport Events at the Pub

Major Sports Events are shown on the Wide Screen TV in the airconditioned Beer Pub.

A great way to watch a Game, Race or Competition with Friends...

Some pretty Ladies at the Beergarden

while the Ladies take up the chance to catch up on the latest Chizmiz in Town!

Play Billiard at the Beergarden

Or begin to digest a hearty meal while shooting a few rounds of Billiard - a favorite leisure time activity in the Philippines!

The staff in the Restaurant

Best Wishes for this new and exciting venture called 'The Bavarian Lion' from!